We are dedicated to helping you get out of pain and back into ACTION
Conveniently located just off of Kipling Parkway and 470 in the heart of Littleton, CO
About Alternative Physical Medicine
Choosing someone to help you address and manage painful health problems is a big decision. When trying to find solutions that are effective, safe, and lasting, it’s probably not the best idea to choose someone just because ‘they are close to you’ or just because they ‘take your insurance’. Things like skill, experience, creativity, rapport, and customization of treatment is how we have built one of the premier non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical pain relief clinics anywhere around.
Meet Dr Ron Spallone
As a provider and clinic director, Dr Ron has helped thousands of Coloradians get out of pain and back into action with natual healthcare.
Proven, Lasting Results
Read our reviews and watch our patient testimonials - our patients' results are the reason we are Littleton's top alternative medicine choice.
World-Class Patients
You may recognize some of the world-class athletes and celebrities on our website (as well as on the treatment table next to you!).
Chiropractic & Physical Medicine
If you are suffering from pain, discomfort or are simply ready to enhance the funciton of your body with the latest in holistic medical care, we are here to help you get the results.
Discover natural pain relief and improved wellness through expert chiropractic care that aligns your body and enhances healing.
Experience our K-Laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment that promotes tissue repair and pain relief using targeted light energy.
Recharge your body's cells with PEMF therapy, an innovative solution to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance overall energy.
Alleviate back pain and improve mobility with spinal decompression therapy, a safe and gentle way to stretch and relax your spine.
We are accepting New Patients
Take the first step towards a healthier, more comfortable life. Schedule a consultation and checkup today to learn how we can help address and alleviate your unwanted condition.
4.9 / 5 based on 119 reviews
Located in Littleton, CO
"Welcome to the community of people who have decided that their health is a priority and living in pain is no longer acceptable"
Dr. Ron Spallone
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