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Parents Now See the Value of Chiropractic for Their Children

More and more parents have realized that children need regular chiropractic visits as much as they need dental visits! In the worst of scenarios if you lose all your teeth, you can get false one. What happens when your spine wears out? The unfortunate answer is that it can debilitate you and literally ruin your 'Golden Years'. The sooner you locate and detect and correct spinal problems...the better.

You bring your children to the dentist to prevent cavities and tooth loss, and show your child how to value oral health and benefit from a great smile. It's a no-brainer about the importance of this. But have you ever considered that your children also need spinal care? Many parents already do – and have seen firsthand the benefits of chiropractic for children.

Smart Parents Realize the Need for Chiropractic

In 2007, doctors at the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that chiropractic is the most common complementary and alternative medicine practice used by children. There were over 30 million visits to chiropractors made by parents for their children in 1997, and this number continues to rise each year.

And it makes good sense. Unlike a dentist that only focuses on one part of the body – the teeth; your chiropractor impacts the entire nervous system, which connects to every organ, muscle, tendon and tissue in the body.

Your child's growing body is subject to dozens of situations where he can benefit from chiropractic.For example, a significant percentage of children are now experiencing back and neck pain like never before. A simple visit to your chiropractor can reveal whether your child's backpack for school is the cause. (We even do backpack screenings and scoliosis screenings for kids.)

Age of Information Proves Benefits of Chiropractic for Children

Chiropractic studies are proving that many ailments are directly influenced by the re-establishment of the connection to the nervous system via chiropractic manipulation of the spine or a joint out of alignment.

Some of these include:

• Middle ear infections – may occur from blockage of the ear nerves that come form the neck.

• Childhood asthma – Thoracic vertebrae misalignment may contribute to this.

• Allergies – A fall hitting the head may cause the upper cervical vertebrae to misalign.

• Bed-wetting – Lumbosacral nerves control urination. Frequent falls can disrupt this process.

• Colic – Neck misalignments may be related.

• Headaches – Often, headaches are accompanied by cervical vertebral misalignments.

• Scoliosis – Muscle weaknesses, pelvic tilts and spinal misalignments contribute to this.

• common cold – Chiropractic has been shown to increase immunity.

• Breastfeeding difficulties – The tongue is controlled by nerves in the nervous system.

• Sports injuries – Chiropractic offers pain-free treatment options that accelerate healing.

There even have been some cases reported in chiropractic journals of how a series of chiropractic visits by chiropractors who treat children benefited kids with ADHD and reading disorders. Treatment of the vertebral misalignment, called a subluxation, is what your chiropractor does to initiate the healing.

What Age Should My Child Be To See a Chiropractor?

Children's bodies are constantly growing and changing. Every stage of child development has its own distinct needs. Even infants who have just been born are often checked by your chiropractor to insure that the birthing process has not caused a spinal subluxation.

Your child doesn't need to have pain to schedule a consultation. Children fall frequently – and get up and go on their way without reporting it to their parents. When they do, it's easy to cause a subluxation to occur. With regular Wellness Care Child visits, you can prevent minor issues from becoming major ones.

Dr. Spallone has been caring for children from the West Jeffco and Denver Metro areas, including Littleton, Bowmar, Englewood, Highlands Ranch and Cherry Hills for nearly 20 years. Call our new office in Littleton today to schedule a consultation/check-up – and keep your child on the road to optimum health with chiropractic! Most of all we help the youth prevent what it is that we treat in adults who never had the opportunity to have care in their youth.





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I know with back pain it can be hard to even get out of bed sometimes so seeing that others have had such good results with chiropractic treatment really gives me hope that we will get this pain gone!