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Whiplash Injury From Car Accident - Littleton Doctor Shows Video of What Happens

At Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, in Littleton, we help people with whiplash and other injuries from car accidents and motor vehicle accidents. We use appropriate and safe treatments based on how fresh or chronic your injury is. We may incorporate Laser therapy, spinal decompression therapy, kinesiotaping for injuries with RockTape, or computerized adjusting with instruments like the ProAdjuster. We are ;coated at 4925 S Santa Fe Dr unit 300 in Littleton, CO 80120. Call 303-794-5255 to schedule a consultation or simply fill out the form below.


We are often asked... Will my car insurance pay for my treatment? In most cases in Colorado you should have med-pay insurance that covers all reasonable and necessary care for the injuries you sustained during your accident.



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