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Whiplash Doctor In Littleton Uses Laser Treatment To Help Neck Pain From Car Accidents

Dr. Ron Spallone, clinic Director of Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado, utilizes the power of a Class IV therapeutic laser to relieve symptoms of whiplash in people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Whiplash occurs usually when hit from behind i.e. rear-ended. The impact forces the occupant forward and the head extends back and then travels forward in flexion. This causes strains of the muscles and sprains of the ligaments that control the stabilization

of the neck and head. Symptoms of whiplash include; neck pain, headaches, sometimes numbing and tingling in the arms and hands as well as concussion type symptoms like forgetfullness, fatigue, dizziness or balance problems. Dr. Spallone says,, "I like using the laser immediately following the injury because many accident victims don't feel like being touched yet the laser can assist with pain reduction and inflammation without being intrusive."

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