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Trigenics Doctor in Littleton and Denver - Non-surgical Shoulder, Back and Knee Pain Treatment

Our clinic director, Dr. Ron Spallone, D.C., clinic director at Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado in Littleton, is one of a select few practitioners with training in Trigenics , which is a neuro-summative advanced non-surgical treatment for common neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis, chronic degenerative knee pain, 'bone-on-bone- knee psi, shoulder pain and rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis and back pain. It would appear to someone watching that Trigenics is some form of massage or physical therapy but it is far more profound in its essence and results.


Dr. Ron Spallone performs Trigenics on a Lower Back


RESISTED EXERCISES. The patient performs specific practitioner prescribed exercise movements which are resisted either by the doctor and the therapist or with the use of hands, devices or equipment. (Devices are available which measure applied muscle force.) If exercise equipment is used, different loads are used for different muscles and body types. These force-specific resisted movement patterns are designed to cause augmented firing of reflex nerve impulses from the muscles to the brain. ("Myoneural')

MUSCLE TREATMENT. The doctor directly treats the muscle with deformative traction or vibratory techniques in such a way as to stimulate increased firing of the the nerve-sensors which monitor movement and feeling and communicate that message to the brain. The treatment is applied to the muscles, tendons or ligaments by the doctor therapist using their hands or a variety of treatment devices .This type of soft tissue treatment also causes augmented firing of afferent or incoming impulses to the brain. Trigenics is very much like re-booting your software that controls the muscles and joints of the affected injured area so you work more efficiently and have less pain. Results are fast.

FOCUSED BREATHING . The patient is required to perform concentrative focused breathing while the doctor therapist provides verbal feedback as to how the patient can enhance the neurological effect of their movements so as to enhance the treatment response and outcome. Neurologists refer to this therapeutic procedural concept as "biofeedback".

Trigenics is a profoundly effective alternative treatment option for painful chronic conditions. Treatment is available in Littleton, CO.

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