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The phrase chiropractic contains the Greek root chiro—“hand”—because traditionally, spinal modifications entail direct pressure from the chiropractor’s hands onto the impacted spaces. However, technological innovation has allowed Littleton Colorado Chiropractor Dr. Ron Spallone the ability to use computerized instruments, which have provided a completely new technique for spinal adjustment. The underlying theory is still the same—the use of pressure to the affected joint so that you can restore movability and proper subluxations. However, computerized instruments offer state-of-the-art evaluations of individual joints before and after every single treatment.

Current studies of the performance of computerized adjusting systems suggest that their use may be just as effective, if not more effective for some patients, as adjusting by hands on their own. Many specialists state that instrument adjusting is much more patient-friendly for some, and likely to benefit patients who might otherwise never seek chiropractic care. At least partially, this allure may be the reduced force he or she requires for adjustment when compared with manual hands-on adjusting.

The Activator Method uses a compact, handheld instrument, called the Activator Adjusting Instrument, to produce a mild impulse force to the spinal column, with the objective of re-establishing motion to the focused spinal vertebra or joint.

Benefits associated with chiropractic adjusting instruments include a much more individual and targeted force application, regulated force and speed, which culminate in simpler adjustments on patients. Instrument adjusting is more patient-friendly for some and able to help patients who might otherwise never seek chiropractic care. Years of research have gone into the development of the Activator Method instruments in order to create gentle chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages.

Alternative Medicine Dr. Ron Spallone has spent a significant amount of time perfecting the usage and understanding of these instruments in order to provide patients with a level of care that goes above and beyond that of a typical chiropractic treatment. Impulse adjusting is a new procedure designed to offer controlled treatments to the specific areas you’re experiencing difficulty with. Littleton Colorado Chiropractors make use of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument to provide you with this treatment rather than the conventional manual methods. Impulse adjustments are extremely high-tech adjustments that are individualized based on the specific patient’s needs. There is no popping or cracking with these adjustments, but rather very exact and focused adjustments which is designed to specifically care for exactly the right areas . Years of research have gone into the development of these amazing instruments to create gentle chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages. Dr. Ron Spallone understands that some patients may be fearful when it comes to the old way of “popping” or “cracking” their back, but today’s technological wonders can help eliminate that fear and provide almost immediate relief in some cases.

Chiropractic alterations with these types of instruments feel like a light tapping sensation on the area which is being treated. Typically the treatment methods are painless and after the adjustment numerous patients feel relief of pain as well as enhanced mobility. Others report a sense of well-being or a relaxed calm feeling. Of course, results vary from case to case and chronic conditions, inflammation or muscle spasms may inhibition these positive effects.

Not only are the computerized analyses much more repeatable, but with many instruments, the patient can be shown the graphical outcome before and after the adjustment whether the adjustment is done with the instrument or manually. What you get from these treatments is a more precise adjustment designed to you and your particular needs.

The Pro Adjuster System can treat but is not limited to:


Restless sleep



Mood Swings



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