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Med-Pay For Chiropractic Treatment - Auto Injury - Littleton, Colorado

Med-Pay Coverage in Colorado - How To Receive Care for Injuries in Car Accidents Using Your Med-Pay


All-State, State Farm, Geico, Safeco, Farmers or USAA


As of January 1st, 2009 Colorado automobile insurance providers must offer you at least $5,000 in Med-pay coverage. Medpay is short for “medical payments coverage.” 


 Medpay is part of your auto insurance policy (unless to willfully chose to deny it) that will pay for medical expenses from injuries sustained from an auto accident. Medpay is different than regular health insurance coverage because you do not have to pay any type of deductibles or co-pays. This coverage is for occupants inside your vehicle and covers care for injuries regardless of who was at fault. 


Anyone in your vehicle, even if they do not have their own health insurance, is covered by the med-pay policy portion of your insurance for that vehicle. Again, Medpay coverage can be used regardless of who was at fault for the accident.


Why Med Pay Is So Important—even if you have your own health insurance:

Regardless if you have All-State, State Farm, Geico, Safeco, Farmers or USAA or others, if you are injured in an auto collision and you utilize your private health insurance to pay for medical expenses that you incurred from an accident you are often required to pay back your health insurance provider for the amount they paid for your treatment, especially if you receive any settlement money or compensation from the at-fault driver.


Med-Pay providers, however, are NOT entitled to any reimbursement from any settlement or judgment money that you receive. So in effect, Med-Pay is “no strings attached” if you are ever injured in a car accident. 


If you are wondering "how soon can I be seen?" after being injured, the best answer, in most cases, is right away. Assessing the severity of your injuries is vital to determine  any course of care. Our clinic in Littleton, Colorado serves the Denver Metro area and we have numerous types of treatments for different levels of injuries sustained from car accidents whether it be neurofeedback for concussion or laser therapy for soft-tissue injuries there are passive and gentle treatments that can be done near immediately following your accident barring any need for surgery or emergency room treatment. If you need to be assessed and treated and are located in the Denver / Littleton area, please call 303-794-5255.


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